Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains on the day of our booked biking wine tour?

Luckily it doesn't rain here very often. If it does rain on the day you have booked your biking wine tour then we just switch you to a driving wine tour so you don't miss out.

I haven't ridden a bike for many years. Will I be able to cope?

The terrain we bike over is very flat and easy to ride on. There is a bit of gravel and grass through the vineyards but it is easy to handle. Most of our clients come from cities where they don't get to ride much and they easily cope with the biking.

How far do we ride?

We normally do a 10km circuit of flat and easy riding in our full day tour and less in our half day tour..

What kind of bikes do we ride?

We have a number of different types of bikes. We offer mountain bikes and recreational step through bikes with comfortable seats and baskets

What if we want to buy some wine while we are out on a biking wine tour?

That is no problem. If it is just a bottle or two we can carry them in the baskets on the bike. If it is more than that we just leave the wine at the winery and pick it up on the way home in the car.

What wineries do we visit?

It depends what tour you are on as to what wineries you visit. We can normally accommodate most requests so if you have a particular winery that you would like to visit please let us know and we will try to incorporate it into the tour. The starting point of our bike tours has over a dozen wineries within three kilometers.

We are staying in Picton. Do you pick up from Picton?

Yes we do. We do charge extra for a Picton pick up due to the distance but we offer a door to door pick up for only $40 per person ($20 each way) which is only marginally more than the bus.



 What others have to say

  • "We did the bike tour and really enjoyed our experience. From A non-bikers perspective, I can tell you that it was easy and very enjoyable to travel on bike versus any other mode I can think of. The tour was tailored to our knowledge level."

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